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I've watched the Torres video numerous times, including on the big screen in RPAC. The more I see it, the more I like it. It's a project of which to be proud. There are some really nice shots in it, some great focus pulls, it moves, and the interview clarifies. The message in the film, which arises out of the exhibit, is important and should be shared. This video provides a vehicle to pass on that message.

Allan Boss, Business Centre Leader, Cultural and Historical Services, Town of Okotoks

It’s very kind and generous of you to offer all this information to Carmen. Too often, we ignore selfless gestures and I want you to know that it’s really impressive that you would take the time to offer Carmen all this superb information coupled with your insights. It confirms me in the belief that we were right to go with you, and stick with you, with all the HTA grad videos and subsequent projects.

Scott Morrison, Division Principal, Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools

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Just wanted to let you know that we got the recital DVDs and I watched it last night and it was excellent. Thank you so much! We'll be in touch about your availability for next year, as I'm sure you're already booking up fast!

Gjenna Saretsky, Studio Owner, Got 2 Dance Productions, near Red Deer

"The videos are fantastic and we have gotten lots of great reviews. :-)"

Kelly Hassett, Dance Studio Owner, Medicine Hat area

My girls and I have looked at our copies - and they are AWESOME! The menu was easy to work from, the quality is fabulous, the sound is awesome - we enjoyed hearing my daughters runners "smack" in her hip hop solo.

A Dance Mum, Medicine Hat area

I just received my Dance Invasion package…….you did a great job recording these dances!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Susan Laing, Director of Dance Studio, north of Calgary

We hired Reg Gothard of Masterpiece Video Productions to tape our year end Dance recital. We received a ”Masterpiece” . The time and care put into this project from the beginning was remarkable. The set up and taping, the editing and the finished product were all professional.

Each and every dancer has time in the spotlight. I am very pleased with the DVD and would definitely hire Masterpiece Video Productions again.

Natalie Tocher, Studio Owner, Impulse Dance

Just wanted to let you know that I have now received my DVD from the Dance Studio.
My daughter and I have watched it and we are both very pleased with the quality. Thank you very much! Great work.

Dance Invasion Customer

...We have all of our DVD's!!
We really appreciate the work you do, [name of dancer] watches them over & over

Dance Evolution customer

...We sure enjoy your work, keep up the Good work!!

Dance Invasion Customer

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Promotional Videos

Oh Reg – you did a truly fantastic job for us – you made us look great!!!
Can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your professionalism and efforts on our behalf!!!

Carey Gruber, Director, Big Rock Singers

The video is great and I cannot say enough about what an amazing job you did for us. You are so professional to work with and it was a fun learning experience for me! Look forward to our next project together!

Town of Okotoks' Communications Team member

I would like to thank you again for producing the DVD... for our association. We are very pleased with the final product and are looking forward to getting reactions from the people we send it to.

It's been great working with you on this project and we would recommend you anytime!

Alberta Reindeer Association

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Cheer Competitions

The girls have loved how you included the banquet and dance highlights along with little candid clips in the beginning section! It was a pleasure to work with you, as you were very accommodating and were so wonderful to come out ahead of time to make sure that everything was going to work for set-up and location.

Again I cannot thank you enough for everything that you did for our Provincials Competition! I have had only positive comments about the DVD's and I love them myself! They are personalized and give the most amazing overall view of the competition. You have captured those memorable moments and it is truly a masterpiece! Thank you for your flexibility and for taking care of all of the details!
I would recommend you and your services to anyone for sure!

Lyndsi Irwin, Coach, Foothills Falcons Cheer Team

thank you so much for the video...IT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!
You did an amazing job.

"A Cheerleader Mum", Foothills Falcons

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I received my videos of “Rockin’ Oliver!” from you and I watched one of them. It was fantastic. You did a great job of putting it together. Well done! One copy is on its way to Mark Lester, the star of the 1968 Oliver! Movie.

James Alcock, author of “Rockin’ Oliver”

We are in receipt of the five copies [of the 2004 Centennial Council skits video] and everyone here at Town Hall is happy.

Julie Nobert, Municipal Clerk, Town of Okotoks

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Tribute Videos

Enclosed is payment for the wonderful video you produced for us…. We are going to need five extra videos…

Matthew and Angela Hassett

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The following quotes relate to “Okotoks: the Heart of the Jewel”:

“I thought it was wonderful. I have been here for 56 years, and indeed it was an experience to see the film.”

Al Balderson, long-time Okotoks resident

“I thoroughly enjoyed it… I saw so many things I had lived through. It was so special.”

Pat Balderson, Okotoks resident since 1936

“Gothard’s obsession has resulted in arguably the most complete record of the town’s history.”

John Barlow, Editor, Western Wheel

“There was no stone unturned… It was really wonderful. He was very dedicated and conscious [sic] to get the story done right.”

Tina Crossfield, Archivist, Town of Okotoks

The Western Wheel also carried a review in its editorial.

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High School Graduation

The HTA Grad video was excellent, it was impressive to see that the 3 hours of video never missed a thing! Lots of memories to go by!!! I especially liked the prom portion of the video, it was great!!!

Ashley Mospany, Graduate

Just heard from Brenda and thought I would pass it on. She said you did an amazing job with the video! She just raved about it.

Comment passed on to us from a Grad’s parent

I am working with the Graduation committee at St. Joes in Brooks Alberta. Upon excellent recommendations from parents and staff at St Joe's we would love to have you back for this year’s graduation ceremonies and banquet.

Parent of High School graduate

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Corporate Presentations

I have been very impressed with the quality of the DVDs and your innovation and creativity in putting the DVDs together. You have consistently delivered a professional and timely product for us and as a result have contributed to the overall success of Inspire events.

Carolyn Shaw, TransCanada PipeLines

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Corporate Team Building

“Many thanks for a wonderful job!” (Holly Yaschuk)

“Reg - Awesome job!” (Steve Elliott)

Organizers of TransCanada’s United Way “Days of Caring”

“Thank you for your effort to create the IntensIT video. A video is really the only way to capture the event for others to enjoy and you have done an excellent job.”

Brian Luterbach, Manager, IS, TransCanada PipeLines

“Your video creations have been a hit on many occasions- for example, your video showing our leaders being hit with a wet sponge over and over again. Your timing was impeccable! You set the moments to music and created an entertaining video that shows what good sports our leaders are for the United Way.”

Diana Peters, Director, IS, TransCanada PipeLines

“You single-handedly managed to turn a very resisting, camera shy vice president and directors into ‘actors’ and produce an informational and very entertaining piece of video. Goals, risks and priorities are not very exciting by definition - especially when they are coming from… management. But presenting these in such an interesting form, making them fun where appropriate and supporting all these with your exceptional video shooting and editing skills made your Town Hall video production named “Bob’s Grill” a definite hit amongst the participants and the 200+ viewers alike.

“We sincerely appreciate your talent and sense of humour in helping make IS a great place to work!”

Diana Peters, Director, IS, TransCanada PipeLines

“The video was an innovative and highly successful at two things: 1) delivering key messages and 2) showing a human side to our leaders. Excellent concept that was well received by all.”

“Really enjoyed Bob's Grill" - Hilarious.!!!”

Online survey comments regarding the “Bob’s Grill” video referred to previously.