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Cheerleading Competitions

Some cheerleading competitions prohibit the use of video cameras, so unless there's a professional videographer there, the performances go un-captured; un-preserved.

Enter MVP!

1. How We Work...

We work directly with the organizers to provide our services.
In addition to shooting the video and supplying DVDs, we can:

  • Provide order forms.
  • Provide a display table and a salesperson to take orders at the show.
  • Show samples of our dance videos on a TV in the foyer.

2. What the Video Contains

Our cheerleading videos contain all routines performed at the competition, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. We may also capture atmosphere shots before the competiton to include on the video.

We shoot with two professional grade, High Definition cameras, allowing us to get close-ups safe in the knowledge that if the choreography surprises us and we miss something, we have a second camera capturing wider shots.

3. What the Customer Receives

The video is contained on one or more (standard definition) DVDs with full navigation menus that allow you to go directly to any routine in the competition. We also overlay the beginning of each performance with the team's name.

4. What our Services Cost

The competition organizers pay a flat fee that includes up to a specified number of copies, with additional copies available on a per-copy basis. This flat-fee-plus equates to per copy prices in the $25 - $35 range, depending on the number of performances. Per-copy prices for a multi-day competition would likely be higher, but please contact us to discuss.

The organizers are then able to apply a modest mark-up if they wish.

Contact us to discuss your competition's requirements, arrange to view samples, and to check availability.