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Has your Skating Club been disappointed by poor quality videos, missed delivery dates or unplayable DVDs?
None of MVP's customers have!
And with MVP capturing the action, parents can leave the camcorder at home, sit back and enjoy the show!

1. How We Work...

We work directly with the organizers to provide our services.
In addition to shooting the video and supplying DVDs, we can:

  • Provide order forms.
  • Provide a display table and a salesperson to take orders at the show.
  • Show samples of our dance videos on a TV in the foyer.

2. What the Video Contains

MVP's Figure Skating videos contain every performance from the show, so dancers can watch all their friends as well as themselves!

We shoot with two cameras, allowing us to get close-ups safe in the knowledge that if the choreography surprises us and we miss something, we have a second camera capturing wider shots. And we use professional grade, High Definition (widescreen) cameras that allow us to optimize for the challenging lighting and sound situations in many arenas.

3. What the Customer Receives

The video is contained on one or more (standard definition) DVDs with full navigation menus that allow you to go directly to any routine in the show. We also overlay the beginning of each performance with its title (groups) or the skaters' names (solos and duets).

4. What our Services Cost

We have two options.

Individual Orders: The show organizers pay a flat fee that includes up to a specified number of copies, with additional copies available on a per-copy basis. This flat-fee-plus equates to per copy prices in the $30 – $40 range, depending on the number of participants and the length of the show.

Include in Fees: The show organizers include the cost of a video in each skater's registration or show fees. For clubs that have multiple shows, we can provide options for how to determine which show's DVD a skater receives. Skaters are able to order additional copies of any of the shows in their recital series.
This option allows MVP to offer the DVDs at a lower price than for the "Individual Orders", which in turn means that skaters don't pay so much for their DVDs and/or the club can make money from DVD sales to help pay for facility rental, scholarships, etc.

Contact us to discuss your club's requirements, arrange to view samples, and to check availability.