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Masterpiece Video Productions


Corporate – Team Building

  • Members of your department are doing a United Way project and you need a way to share the experience with the rest of the department, or even the company. How?
  • Departmental goals and objectives aren't being very clearly communicated, and you need to rekindle interest. What haven't you tried yet?
  • The Management team shaved their heads for cancer, and they want to share the occasion with the folks at the Tom Baker clinic. How?
  • You're hosting a Corporate Challenge event and want to capture it for future publicity. What do you do?

Call MVP!

1. How We Work...

Simply put, we will discuss your ideas, reach a set of agreements, and work accordingly. We can write scripts if necessary, and we can make your event into a spoof of a popular TV show, or a conventional journal of the day, or we can make our own format up. We've spoofed "Trading Spaces", grilled management about their objectives, made a musical montage out of a wet sponge toss, and even made a programming competition into an interesting documentary!

2. What the Video Contains

Whatever we agree!

3. What the Customer Receives

The program, on DVD, in a regular DVD case with a full sleeve insert providing key information about the DVD contents.

The DVD will include a menu to help the viewer go directly to a specific segment.

Alternatively, we can create a version that is suitable for transmission across computing networks (Internet, Intranet) or services such as YouTube.

4. What our Services Cost

Due to the almost infinite variety of ideas that you may have, it's impossible to provide a meaningful price estimate.
However, we have encountered many people whose notion of the cost of creating a video is somewhat optimistic, so please be advised that the cost is unlikely to be less than $1,000.00. (Why?)

Please contact us to discuss your ideas, to obtain a no-obligation price estimate and to check availability.