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Masterpiece Video Productions


Presentations, Speeches

Why video a speech or presentation?

  • To get a message from the CEO to employees who are scattered across the province (or country; or world).
  • To provide a consistent orientation session for your organization.
  • To get a Lunch and Learn in front of more people than the room can hold.
  • To ensure employees receive compliance-critical training or re-certification session at an affordable price.

In many scenarios, a video of the presentation is an ideal, cost-effective solution. In others, it's an acceptable compromise.
And the presentation is available for review at any time in the future.


The speech/presentation, with presentation material (usually Powerpoint) interleaved and/or superimposed. Titling to identify the topic, date, venue and speaker(s). Intro/outro music optional.

We can include questions from the floor in many cases.

DVD distribution option - The presentation or speech, on DVD, in a plastic library case with a full sleeve insert providing key information about the DVD contents.

Online distribution - The presentation or speech, on DVD in format suitable for upload to services such as YouTube, or for transmission across computing networks (Internet, Intranet).


For a speech or presentation up to 3 hours duration (including Q&A), our fee for 2013 and 2014 is $420.00 + GST + parking/travel compensation at our discretion.
Extra charges may apply if presentation includes multiple speakers, a panel of people answering questions, or similar format.

View our samples , then contact us to discuss your requirements and check availability.