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Tribute Videos

Some birthdays are really special. And sometimes we run out of ideas for what to buy a person (even at age 40!).
How about a video montage of their life?

Tribute videos are also an effective way to share a celebration of the life of a loved one who has passed away.

1. How We Work...

You provide the source material, and we put it all together into a package that will make you laugh and cry as you see the person's life unfold on your screen.

2. What the Video Contains

One or more montages of memories, set to music.

We can integrate still photographs (prints and digital), video tape (VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital-8, MiniDV) DVD, video CD, and audio (CD, memory stick, email) into the montage.

Note: if you ask us to provide music, we will use royalty-free, buyout music.

3. What the Customer Receives

The video is presented on DVD in a plastic library case with a full sleeve insert featuring a mini-collage of photos from the montage, along with any information (perhaps important dates in the person's life).

If there are multiple video segments in the montage, the DVD will include a menu to help the viewer find the right segment.

4. What our services cost

Pricing is determined by the number of pictures, how they’re provided, and how much “tweaking” you authorize us to do on the pictures. All prices are subject to GST at the current rate.

Setup Fee $250.00
Per picture used, provided digitally $4.00
Per picture used, provided as prints $6.00
Minor corrections, per picture
We ask you to specify which pictures you’d like us to apply corrections to. Corrections will fix things such as redeye, overly light or dark pictures, old photo colours (most snapshots from the 1970s and prior benefit from colour correction).
Significant Restoration, per picture
Restoration will attempt to remove such defects as creases, torn and tattered edges, ink blobs (caused by writing on the backs of photos and stacking them on top of each other), ballpoint pen engraving (caused by writing on the back of a photo with a ball point pen and pressing hard enough that it “engraves” the paper and shows on the face)
Video to be included, per minute
You may provide your video on VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital-8, Mini-DV or Memory Stick.
Please note that cellphone footage and some digital still camera footage is not of sufficient quality to include.

MVP will provide you with a worksheet on which you record the corrections or restorations (if any) you want to have done on each picture. This will help you calculate the likely cost of your Tribute Montage.

As a guide, the cost for a three-song montage using four-minute songs and digitally-provided photos requiring little or no correction or restoration is approximately $635.00.
If half the photographs are prints and they all require minor corrections, the cost rises to approximately $825.00

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, arrange to view samples, and to check availability.