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Retirement Roasts, etc.

So Jim (*) is due to retire in a few months. He's been around for ever - you need to make sure he leaves by having a big bash for him, otherwise he might just forget he's retired, and show up the next Monday morning!

Whatever you're planning, the retirement party is a huge milestone in Jim's life, so wouldn't it be great to capture the antics on video and present it to him as an extra retirement present?

1. How We Work...

We'll go over your plans with you before the big day so we're ready for "the unexpected". On the day, we'll capture all the formals, and will make a camera available in a quiet corner for people to record a personal message for the retiree.

2. What the Video Contains

The formal part of the occasion, with any presentations interleaved with footage of the presenter.

Any messages that people recorded are included as a separate segment.

We also include atmosphere shots, as well as any specific requests you may have.

3. What the Customer Receives

The video is contained on DVD in a plastic library case with a full sleeve insert featuring the retiree, with other material of your choice on the back of the sleeve.

The DVD contains a navigation menu that allows you to go directly to key points in the celebration.

4. What our Services Cost

Due to the wide variation in the ways that retirement parties are organized, it's impossible to provide a meaningful estimate, although it is likely to exceed $1,000. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, arrange to view a sample, and to check availability.

(*) By the way, the retiree's name doesn't have to be Jim. We'll video retirement roasts for Joe, Alice, June… it doesn't matter what their name is - we'll be there!