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Concerts & Plays

Concerts & Plays

We've been providing video services at concerts and plays since 2001, and would love the opportunity to preserve your school's or other organization's production on DVD.

1. How We Work...

We work with the organizing body to determine technical requirements, and to ensure we know what will happen when and in which part(s) of the auditorium. We may ask to attend dress rehearsal in order to validate our plans.

Although we generally handle order taking ourselves at the production itself, we can provide order forms to your organization if required.

DVDs are always delivered to the organization for distribution. This ensures that the organizers can satisfy themselves that the videos are distributed only to those entitled to obtain copies of their members' performances.

2. What the Video Contains

The video contains the entire production, from curtain-up to curtain-down (don't worry if your stage doesn't have curtains or they go side-to-side — we're talking figuratively here!)
If there are any presentations, we'll normally include those on the video unless asked not to.

Our HD, widescreen cameras are truly professional grade, and allow us to optimize for the challenging lighting and sound situations found at most youth concerts and plays.

3. What the Customer Receives

The video is presented on DVD in a plastic library case with a full sleeve insert naming the performers and support personnel (subject to information availability).

The DVD contains full navigation menus to help you find the right segment (one menu item per song for a concert or one per scene for a play).

4. What our Services Cost

Pricing varies according to the size of the production in terms of participants, and is generally in the $25 - $35 range. Please note that in order for our service to be affordable, the number of performers (plus crew in the case of a play) should exceed 50, and more than 50% of them should wish to commit to purchasing a video.

Contact us to discuss, arrange to view samples, and check availability.