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Equestrian - High School Rodeo

Equestrian - High School Rodeo

Indoor or outdoor, MVP captures the action!

We may not have grown up on a ranch, but we can shoot memorable rodeo footage! Whether it's pole bending, barrel racing or bull riding, we capture the thrills and spills.

1. How We Work...

We work with the competition organizers to provide our services, and take orders ourselves directly from riders and their families at the competition.

2. What the Video Contains

These videos contain only the performances of the person for whom the video was ordered. Customers may order a video containing performances by more than one member of their household.

All rides are videotaped on a “best efforts” basis – this means that if, for example, there are three or more rings/arenas active simultaneously, we may not be able to tape all rides for all riders. On the other hand, if the whole competition takes place in one ring/arena, we use two cameras.

3. What the Customer Receives

The video is contained on one DVD with a navigation menu that allows you to go directly to any of the performances. We aim to overlay the competitor's score at the end of the footage — subject, of course, to availability of the information.

The video and sleeve are customized with the rider's and horse's names and the event details.

4. What the Customer Pays

Per copy prices vary according to the projected number of participants, but are usually in the $30 - $35 range for all rides by a rider in a single event (e.g. barrel racing), with other events (e.g. pole bending) being included for around $10 per event.

A sibling's performances can be included on the same DVD at a significantly lower cost than two separate DVDs.