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High School Graduation

We've been providing graduation video services since 2001, and would love the opportunity to preserve your high school graduation celebrations on DVD.

1. How We Work...

We work with the school's representative to determine how much of the celebrations will be videotaped, and where we can capture the best of the action without interrupting the flow of the occasion.

2. What the Video Contains

We can cover the entire formal ceremony right from the Principal's welcome to the Graduates' recessional (and beyond).

We can also cover the dance, banquet, dinner, prom (or choose your name for it) from the arrival of guests in their limos and party buses (we've even seen grads arriving in a sail boat and a yellow school bus!), through any set pieces, speeches and presentations, to the dancing.

3. What the Customer Receives

The video is contained on one or two DVDs with full navigation menus to help you find the right segment. We even create the ability to go straight to a specific Graduand's diploma presentation(*)

Each DVD is presented in a personalized case featuring the the student's name and grad photo (if supplied by the school).

(*) Depending on the size of the grad class. We set up to 75 selection points, so for a class of 225, a given selection point gets you to within 0, 1 or 2 presentations of the student you're interested in.

4. What the Customer Pays

We have two options.

Individual Orders: The school pays a flat fee that includes up to a specified number of copies, with additional copies available on a per-copy basis. This flat-fee-plus equates to per copy prices in the $40 $50 range, depending on the number of graduands and the length of the ceremony.

Include in Fees: The school includes the cost of a video in each student's graduation fees. Students are able to order additional copies.
This option allows MVP to offer the DVDs at a lower price than for the "Individual Orders", which in turn means that students don't pay so much for their DVDs and/or the school can make money from DVD sales to help pay for facility rental, scholarships, etc.

Contact us to discuss, arrange to view samples, and check availability.