Masterpiece Video Productions
Masterpiece Video Productions


Client: A Large Dance Studio in Southern Alberta
Event: Dance Recital 2010 - Modern, Large Group

This sample shows how we show use wide and medium shots of groups to achieve a compromise between maintaining the integrity of the choreography (important to the choreographer!) and showing close-ups of individual dancers (important to dancers and parents!).

Notice how you can hear audience reaction and on-stage noises (slaps and claps) as well as the music.
Other videographers' samples have the music "straight off the CD" with audience reaction faded in at the end. In our opinion, our audio makes the whole video come alive.

We have chosen to showcase this routine because all the dancers' faces are hidden,
making it permissible to use with the choreographer's permission, which we have.
If you wish to see how clear facial detail etc would be, watch a sample of a solo routine.