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About the Samples

Additional Information for Participants in Events that MVP has Served

In order to post video samples, certain permissions have to be obtained, including the permission of people whose faces are recognizable in the footage. “Recognizable” is a subjective term, and we’ve found no guidelines to help us interpret it, so we’ve used our judgement, balancing respect for those appearing in the videos with respect for ourselves and our need to promote our business.

We believe we have the necessary permissions for the clips posted on our Website.

EVENT VIDEOS: We obtain permission from event participants who order videos.
Where footage includes people who did not order videos, we’ve done our best to ensure that their faces are not recognizable. Reasons we might determine they’re not recognizable include:
  • Too far away from camera
  • Not facing camera
  • Face obscured by hair, mask, headgear, or other performers
  • Heavy character makeup (e.g., clown)
If we think there is reasonable doubt, we pixelate the picture.
OTHER VIDEOS: We regard the client's contract with us as permission to use portions of their video as portfolio (unless the client has specifically struck out the relevant clauses).
If your face is recognizable in one of the samples, and you do not want your image to be included, please contact us immediately with details, and we will either re-edit the sample to exclude your image or remove the sample altogether.
If Dance Studios do not want their choreography to be publicly displayed (or do want it to be displayed with appropriate credits) please contact MVP.