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Masterpiece Video Productions is an Okotoks based videography business that prides itself in providing top quality, affordable video services for a wide range of events including:

We also make promotional videos — we can even write the scripts for you.

We specialize in dance recitals for large studios.

Our track record speaks for itself. Some of our events customers have been with us since before 2007 - two have been with us since "the beginning" in 2001!

Please browse our web site - check out our samples, then contact us to see how we can help you get your organization's message out or provide top-notch souvenir videos of your event!


(Please note that most of our work is subject to privacy considerations, so our ability to post samples is very limited.)
Jan 2016

There are new regulations coming in Canada for the use of drones (officially known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)). Check out this CBC report about a Calgary man who was arrested for flying a drone near the airport; there are links in that report to information about the new regulations (which I must admit I haven't read yet!)

Jan 2016

Do You Need a 4K TV? TV picture quality his improved immensely in the last 15 years. The most recent talk is of 4K TVs - screens that are 3840 pixels wide and 2160 pixels high. In terms of the more familiar 480i/720p/1080p naming convention, this is a 2160p screen - twice the resolution of HD.

But will your eyes be able to tell the difference? This interactive tool provided by the American Press allows you to make that determination yourself without a salesperson breathing down your neck.

Sep 2014

MVP was the official videographer at the Jonathan Field and Friends event in Calgary. His friends included George Morris, Craig Johnson, Bruce Logan and Nathan Day.

What a fantastic event it was! Thanks for the opportunity Jonathan!

MVP has four short samples from the event online, here.

Please note. Our incredibly busy period is from the middle of April to the end of August. We suggest that should you be interested in our services during that period, you contact us at your earliest convenience in order to avoid disappointment.

Masterpiece Video Productions is a division of Dewdney Media Inc., and is owned and operated with pride by Reg & Sue Gothard.